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Blog takes you to my musings and ramblings, primarily about fiction writing. Come on over, subscribe and enjoy.

Family links to my wife's blog where you can find out what's up with the Clark's (mostly our daughter Coraline and son Asher)

Writing tracks my publications, things I've posted online for free, and other writing resources.

Kids Coding is all about my programming adventures with my daughter, Coraline.

Nerd is my blog on software development. I'm happily employed at New Relic, working their Ruby agent, and software doesn't just pay the bills. I love reading about it, writing it, and most of all learning about it.

Brew takes you to The Nervous Brewers, a shared blog with my good friend Andrew about our adventures in homebrewing. We dish out stories about our mishaps and triumphs, comments on beers I've made and enjoyed, and links to brewing resources.

Reading lists the books I'm reading. I'm always fascinated by these type of reading lists--it's the next best thing to looking over bookshelves when you visit someone's home.

Want to talk? Found a bug on the site? Hit me up at jasonNOSPAM[at]jasonrclark[d0t]net. (Remove the NOSPAM and convert other marks to their standard characters)

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