Obligatory Introduction

I’ve been reading technical blogs for over a year, and thought I’d finally get into the act.

I work as a software developer, writing business applications for the construction industry. Primarily we work in C++ (lots of MFC/ATL code), with a little bit of C# moving into the picture in the last year or so. Dealing with a lot of legacy code has given me a huge interest in what makes software maintainable for the long haul. I’m keen on unit-testing and refactoring, although I’ve definitely run into the problems of trying to use those techniques in a large codebases that weren’t built with testing in mind.

My second interest is fiction writing. I’ve drafted a couple novels and some short stories, but am only now really on the trail toward trying to get published. I don’t plan to post my fiction here specifically, but more to talk about the challenges that come along with telling a compelling story.

Don’t know that this’ll be of interest to anyone but myself, but there you go.