Kids Coding

Several years back I did a lot of active work coding with my kids. Some writeups and results from that can be found in the Kids' Coding Corner.


Infrequently updated but when I blog tech stuff, it shows up here.

On Being a Relic

After 11 years I recently left New Relic. Here are my thoughts on the occasion.

Simplest Possible Shoes App (002)

In this installment, we'll see the smallest Shoes app you can start from.

Installing Shoes (001)

In this first installment, we'll show you how to get Shoes 4 installed on your computer.

Running Rubinius 2.0 with rbenv

Make an Event of It!

DIY::Thread.profile - Light-Weight Profiling in Pure Ruby

50 Line Profiler in Pure Ruby!

Two Firsts!

Taming Asynchronous Testing

From VS to Vim

Nginx Installation Woes on Mountain Lion

From Windows to Mac

New Relic: Week 1

A Bit of a Change

WP e-Commerce Plugin

UserControl + Repeater = Pain

How to fix a disabled monitor driver

Unit testing isn't about bugs

Spreading Straw

Tools: CLCL

Tools: Notepad++

Tools: ReSharper


Application_Start and ASP.NET identity impersonation

Diving into Ruby

CLCL - Your clipboard on steroids


SoapExtension and debugging


New Job!


Tools I can't live without

Charting Woes

WM_NCACTIVATE and the edit control