I’d heard about for quite a while, but hadn’t really given it a try. My latest craze has been using Backpack, which has been quite successful for all sorts of random note-taking. But when it came to putting together lists of links that I wanted to keep track of, even Backpack’s light-weight easy editing wasn’t quite there. I didn’t want to have to copy-paste the links and format ‘em up. I just wanted to hit a button and be done.

And that’s pretty much what does. With a single click (via a nifty bit of javascript in a bookmark) it’ll post the current page to my, prefilling the URL and description for me.

The big deal about, though, is the tagging. I’ve found that part interesting, but I barely have time to read the stuff I gather together, let alone follow other people’s tags.

Anyway, my page can be seen at Links ahoy!