Interesting happenings

Had two things happen over the weekend that kind of struck me odd – the kind of little tidbit that I’d love to work into a story somewhere. Nothing earth-shattering, interesting.

We were at a restaurant having brunch on Sunday. The room’s full of chatter, people enjoying themselves, their food and/or waiting for their food. Suddenly, the power went out. Tall windows let in quite a bit of light from outside, but all conversation immediately stopped for at least ten seconds. It was kind of eerie in that interval while everyone sorted out what was going on. Then a waiter called out to the room in a loud voice for everyone to carry on, and that was that. Conversation resumed.

Second occurance was actually this morning as I drove to work. Paused waiting for a light on the St. Johns bridge, I noticed that the car ahead of me was shaking slightly. This isn’t odd for the bridge, but on closer inspection the guy in the driver’s seat was doing a drum-solo like crazy. He would do this while the car was stopped, then pull forward when traffic moved and resume the drumming.