Let's try this again...

As is rather obvious from the contents of the blog, the idea of writing about my experiences on the new job kind of fell through – mostly from a lack of anything of particular interest and insight to say. I think I’ll be posting some technical tidbits now, but probably more links than content.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about setting up a website when I get serious about sending my work out for publication. As part of that, I talked with my friend Andrew about what would be of interest on such a site apart from the typical bibliographic information. He had a good point that getting the author’s insight into their writing could be a draw. I know that’s been the case for me with Neil Gaiman’s blog, so I thought that’d be a good idea to try on for size.

My thought, then, is to try to write regularly about the process of actually creating a novel. Plenty of people have done it, but more people haven’t. I know I’m always curious what it’s like for my favorite authors – how the work, what they struggled with, even what process they use at the nitty-gritty level.

We’ll see how it goes.