Temporary files... arg!

I’m almost embarrassed to admit it, but I lost data on Friday. I’d finished with my work, and since it was going to be a while before my wife came to pick me up, I decided to peck away on the re-written chapter I’m currently working on for the group. Opened up my Backpack page, clicked the file and instead of doing what I knew I should have, I just started working in the open copy. I thought, ‘I’ll save it off in a moment,’ and got thoroughly involved in the scene.

Phone rings, and my wife is downtown to pick me up. For good measure, I hit Ctrl+S (which I press compulsively… wouldn’t want to lose anything) then hit Alt+F4 to close. Motor over to my Backpack to upload the file I just modified and… D’OH!

I searched briefly in my temporary files, but it seemed to have vanished. With the time crunch of getting down to meet my wife (we had somewhere to be) I soon had to admit defeat and just pitch it.

This evening, I will see if I can “recreate the magic.” Should be fine, but it’s annoying to have to do it.

Word Delta: + 2.5 pages… - 2.5 pages