Back in the saddle

After nearly two months of not writing (in the sense of drafting new material and/or doing direct editing of something I’ve written) I’m getting back to it. I still have development work to complete for the later stages of hte book, but I’m confident that I’ve got the big rocks scoped out. The first new sections are solid enough in my mind that I thought I’d sit down and just write.

A couple of good friends had us over for dinner last night. He’s an MFA and teaches writing at some local colleges. He’s also just started working on a draft of a new novel. Seeing what he’s done (although I haven’t read it yet… we’re going to swap work later) got me jazzed about churning out some actual new writing. My wife was out with her sister this morning, so I sat down, cracked open a new document and set to work laying down some background for the “bad guys.”

It feels good to finally be back in this part of the process again. There’s going to be a lot of new writing needed for this draft of the novel, so although I’ve been working on it for years, there’s a sense of newness about it that’s exciting.

Word Delta: +1950