First chapter, revised

In the past week I’ve finally gotten down to doing some revisions on the first major chapter of my novel. It has been gratifying to spot places where I can immediately start making the type of world/character building changes that I’m after in this editing pass.

Specifically, the entire first page is getting a rewrite. I’ve used a couple of sentences from the original, but pretty much dropped and redone it. It’s going to need some fine-tuning, but as I’ve alluded to before, it’s important that the story draw the person into the alternate world that I’m creating. The original draft took the better part of a page to reach the point where a reader would realize that strange things are happening. On reviewing it, a lot of what took up that space was things like setting, character description, the main character walking… you know, riveting stuff. I mean, who isn’t interested in people walking!

A lot of work remains ahead, but the more I dig into it, the more excited I get about what I’m going to end up with.

Word Delta: ~2000 words