Favorite Authors: Jonathan Carroll

Jonathan Carroll is one of the most superb fantasy authors you’ve probably never heard of. Some of that might come from the difficulty in categorizing his work–it’s all quite fantastic, but never in the typical magical sense. He paints amazingly vivid pictures of the everyday world, and then spices it up with some of the strangest images and juxtapositions I’ve ever encountered. I’ve seen his stuff put on the shelf in sci-fi and the literature section, depending who’s running the store.

And his descriptions… oh, he has such a way of capturing those gorgeous details of human interaction. Which brings me to another of my favorite points about him–his blog! He writes regularly, and his posts are as much in his voice as his fiction. He puts up descriptions of odd scenes he’s witnessed in Vienna, strange and interesting people he’s met, questions that cut to the meat of relationships and character. He occasionally jots down thoughts about writing (not too often), and when he does they are always worth reading.

If you love good writing, you owe it to yourself to check it out: http://www.jonathancarroll.com

For all you with RSS aggregators, subscribe at: http://www.jonathancarroll.com/blog1/index.xml