Clear sailing ahead

Don’t know if I’ll feel that way in a couple weeks here, but at the moment, the world of writing is full of hope and excitement. I’ve reached the point in my editing where I am leaving the old behind and charting a (mostly) new course to the end of my story. Once more, I’ve got broad spans of blank pages before me, and nothing to do except to fill them up.

Coinciding with that, my wife is helping her parents paint and finish projects around their property, so I’ve had several very quiet days and evenings completely to myself. The writing has gone quite well, and I feel invigorated and ready to keep blazing a trail forward. Having long stretches to come and go at writing has helped matters a lot more than I would have thought. If I’m in the flow of things, then I can keep going for a long time. But if the writing is hard, or there’s a new scene to chart out in my mind, being able to step away for a half-hour, do something different and return when I’m ready has been quite useful.

For the moment I’m simply basking in the joy of creating something anew, making over the old last half of my novel into a better, stronger story that will carry the reader along. Editing, aw, that can wait a couple weeks!