It's time!

I’m home for a quick couple minutes to get a few things together, and then it’s back to the hospital.

We went in for Amber’s routine appointment this morning without much expectation. Although she’s been more nauseous through the past week, a low-grade headache, and some “fake” contractions for a while longer than that, it didn’t seem like things were imminent.

Then they took her blood-pressure, which was a bit elevated. They decided to get a blood test, and while that was out her blood-pressure continued to rise. The doctors recommended moving towards inducing, and since we were already fine with that possibility, we agreed.

Things are moving slow–inducing a baby isn’t like a 15-minutes movie birth or anything–but the chances are good that tomorrow’s the day. It also happens to be Amber’s birthday… double the birthdays, double the fun!

Anyway, I’ve got to post this on Amber’s blog, get a few more things together and run!