Back to critiquing

So today my first couple chapters from the new book are going to critique group. It’s the first time since last summer that I’ve had anything substantial up on the block. To be honest I’m a little nervous.

But my wife gave me a good reminder last night–critique isn’t a pat-on-the-back club. It’s about strengthening and honing your writing. Sometimes that means enduring the pain of seeing how you missed the mark (again), where your writing was lax, your ideas didn’t pan out, and your spelling is atroshus (ha). But it also means that your work will be better, cleaner and stronger which makes it worth the effort.

Anyway, donning my thickest skin. Wish me luck.

PS – For the record, my critique group is awesome. Never mean-spirited, always thoughtful, but also deeply honest. Just because someone cares about you and your writing doesn’t always make it easy to hear what’s broken.