Great new term-- ramble-and-chop

Stumbled across a link to a Jennifer R. Hubbard’s blog the other day. Although I’ve been trimming my subscription lists to keep my blog reading times down, I couldn’t resist adding her.

The tipping point was her use of the term ramble-and-chop. It’s a great way to describe my primary writing method at the moment. At other times I’ve been more fastidious about my drafts, but for this book that’s changing.

The main reason is that I don’t have tons of time to devote (new baby and all), but I also don’t want to stagnate and not write for months. The only way to get forward motion is to not fret so much about the quality of the rough draft I’m putting down. I know I can edit, I know I have the guts to drop huge sections and start over if necessary, painful though it is.

Ramble-and-chop… that’s the plan. Ramble now, chop later.