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Visited IKEA in Barcelona, and nice that some things are constant: similar layout, similar styles, similar sense of dread about whether I'll emerge from this maze is that candle edible if I'm trapped overnight I can sleep in the mattress section if I ever find it again what if...

8/3/2018, 4:02:18 AM

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You are in a maze of inexpensive Swedish design. What do you want to do?

> Walk left

You have been eaten by a malm

8/4/2018, 2:23:46 AM

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Wow IKEA really doesn’t like salt

8/6/2018, 12:27:23 PM

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Travel is amazing for how it reveals not just what’s different, but what’s the same across the world: smiles and laughter shared on a walk, the deep satisfaction of a meal with friends, the existential dread and loathing for assembling IKEA furniture.

8/11/2018, 8:27:21 AM

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