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My wife and I play a game I call Anniversary Chicken where we see how long we can make it on the day of our anniversary before admitting what day it is. I’m still in the running but I may buckle soon… 😅

6/29/2021, 11:59:57 AM

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We’re mutually not very sentimental about dates. It’s common for us to be reminded by my mom texting us congrats the day of…

6/29/2021, 12:00:41 PM

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Calling this year’s round of Anniversary Chicken a draw.

We ended up at dinner without kids, kindly arranged by sister-in-law, and I showed Amber the initial tweet… she gasped. She hadn’t remembered at all! 🤣

19 years and I’d say this relationship is still in its prime. 💖

6/29/2021, 5:27:51 PM

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