Fruits of time

Last post, I was lamenting a couple pages of lost writing. While I won’t necessarily claim that I think the restored text that I wrote in the past day or two is vastly superior, there was at least one good thing about the loss. In the time that I spent re-writing, I had an idea for something to work into the next scene.

Earlier, I talked about cutting a whole huge section of flashback from the novel. Pieces of that story do have their place in the novel, and one particular scene I’m still trying to figure out where it’s going to go. I had tentatively planned on putting it in a later chapter, even drafted out part, but I can’t honestly claim that I was totally happy with the transition.

Anyway, during that extra little bit of time I had because of rewriting those pages, I happened upon the idea of working that flashback into the next scene. Once I realized it, it became clear that it had a much better connection to the action here than where I originally planned to put it. Hurray!

Word Delta: +3025 words