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Riding Away

Worst Day of the Year Ride

Authors: J.D. Salinger

Books: Love Medicine

Books: Ballistics

Books: All the Pretty Horses

Books: The Circumnavigators

The Non-Genre Summer Spectacular!

One more rough draft in the bag

Finishing is hard

Happy Pi Day!

The Sprint

Coraline Premiere

Twelve Sentences

An afternoon with Ursula Le Guin

Of Meat and Music

"Single" life


Vacation preview...

Trunk novels

Great new term-- ramble-and-chop

Just what I needed to hear

Back to critiquing

Outages and server moves

The Art and Science of Organizing Bookshelves

Baby posting

More photos

Coraline Hope Clark

It's time!


Things not to ask an overdue, pregnant woman

A "Real" Writer

Clean, new space

Everything's Coming Up Clark

And the answer is....


Questions to ask when the offer comes

Books: Cat's Cradle


Pitch Workshop with Agent Kristin

Writing Series

Of Pens and Gel

Line-edit Luvin'

8-bit Paradise

Books: Giants in the Earth

Polish, polish, polish

Oh, the questions they ask

Ship it

The Main Event -- Willamette Writers Conference 2007

Pitch It! site is live!

Rewriting with George R. R. Martin

Agent blogs

Done! (again, sort of)

Writing Journal

On the editing trail

Reading my novel for the first time


Done! (Well, sort of)

Of Hooks and Snarking

Long time...

Deleted Scenes

Miss Snark's Crapometer

Clear sailing ahead

Review: My Name Is Asher Lev

"Dialog's easy," he expounded. "It's just people talking!"

Review: The Fionavar Tapestry

Mali Journal

Review from a friend

Origins of an idea

Review: Latro in the Mist

And now for something completely different


Encouraging post

(Re)writer's dilemma

On appropriate formality in the written form

Got mono?

Heather Sharfeddin's blog

Favorite Authors: Jonathan Carroll

Untouched pages

Don't be so judgmental

A Tale of Two Scenes

Details, details, details

Gut-wrenching stuff

First chapter, revised

Back in the saddle


I love blank books

Review: Anansi Boys

Why read sci-fi?

Saint Cupcake

Review: Montana 1948

A question of character

One step forward, two steps back...

The List

Hand-editing: The Typing

Hand-editing: The Page

Software vs. Fiction

Fruits of time

Temporary files... arg!

The editing process

"I want him to fight back!"

Let's try this again...

Review : A Song for Arbonne

Interesting happenings

Cutting your favorite scene

FlexWiki and Writing

Obligatory Introduction